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OYSTERS, by Chekhov, is a tale that speaks of a delicate and urgent subject still in the present: the hunger. Translated into English, Portuguese, and Spanish, with text, animations, sound effects and interactive to engage readers using tablet and smartphones. Available for free for iOS and Android devices.


OYSTERS are part of the New Perspective Collection - a project in partnership with Novozymes and Sesi-PR - that brings together short stories by universal authors to encourage a reflection and action on the humanitarian challenges we are facing on the planet, as well as thinking about how Biology can solve big humanitarian issues .

With touches of irony and full of scenes that lead the reader to explore the emotional and psychological character of the protagonist, OYSTERS suggests a reflection on SDG 2 - Eradication of Hunger and Sustainable Agriculture. OYSTERS has extra content about the author, the short story and the Sustainable Development Goals, plus a practical experiment in Biology and activities that lead to social awareness and action.


by Anton Tchékhov