Milky Way

by Olavo Bilac

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The sonnet XIII from MILKY WAY - also known as "Hearing Stars" - is one of the most celebrated works of Brazilian poet Olavo Bilac, a representative of Parnassianism in Brazil and also the man responsible for its evolution.


In MILKY WAY, the reader can reaffirm or discover the taste for the poem as a literary genre, by involving itself with the words, sounds and subtle poetic interactivities, like opening windows moving the stars with your breath, touch and hear the stars, and float alongside them in a bright night. The extras talk about the life of Olavo Bilac and present a summary on the Parnassianism.


With MILKY WAY the intention is to create an interactive audiovisual literary experience through a poem that became common in it’s birthplace to, as such, indicate that there's much to be read, heard and experienced today through the use of digital media.


MILKY WAY received the Jabuti Award, most prestigious recognition of literature in Brazil, in 2015.