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Mr. Gratus's Mystery is an interactive book-game in which each reader constructs the narrative!


Amanda is a curious and brave girl who, awakened one morning by her cat, plunges into an adventure full of mystery. The discoveries and learnings of the girl will make her understand that the future is made of small daily choices and depends on each one of us.


Scientific concepts are transmitted in a fun way through the narrative and are further detailed in a specific area with extra content within the app, developed by experts in dissemination of Science: evolution, food chain and ecological balance, body defense system and environment .


Those responsible for literature and scientific content are authors specializing in the dissemination of Science: Carlos Orsi (literature) and Natalia Pasternak Taschner (content-extra).


This app is a creation of StoryMax in partnership with the Center for Research in Inflammatory Diseases (CRID) and the Institute of Advanced Studies of USP.



Carlos Orsi