King of the Golden River

by John Ruskin

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THE KING OF THE GOLDEN RIVER is a universal short story by John Ruskin (translated to English, Spanish, and Portuguese) written as a fairy tale.


THE KING OF THE GOLDEN RIVER tells the story of a very old and strange man who visited three brothers during a thunderstorm. Unfortunately, two of them mistreated the old man who was, in fact, the “South-West Wind Esquire”. To take revenge, he turned their fertile valley into red sand.


The engaging narrative, full of interactivity and sound effects that give life to the story, invites the young public to reflect on the SDG #6 (water and sanitation), from United Nations.


THE KING OF THE GOLDEN RIVER is part of the New Perspective Collection - a project in partnership with Novozymes' scientists and directors and Sesi-PR teachers - and brings universal authors short stories that suggest to the reader reflection and action on the planet humanitarian challenges, as well as reflect about how Biology can solve the world's current problems.