Frankie for Kids

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

FRANKIE FOR KIDS is the thrilling classic Frankenstein story, by Mary Shelley, retold in Portuguese and English for kids and teens with a several special interactivities.


In FRANKIE FOR KIDS the reader can move objects, turn lights on and off, peep through a hole, define the destiny of a boat, make a heart beat and travel through reading, hearing noises that please and amaze. Available on iOS and Android (tablets and smartphones).


Themes such as excessive ambition, careless abandon, the hardships of getting acceptance in a group and self-control presented in the story are behaviors described nearly 200 years ago - as the original work is from 1818 - and they make Frankenstein a relevant story even nowadays, deserving to be retold in a new way and adopted as support literature for kids and teens facing the many transformations that impact this period in their lives.


FRANKIE FOR KIDS received the ComKids Prix Jeunesse Iberoamericano as an audiovisual and interactive highlight and the Hypertext Award for Technology in Education in 2014.

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